Bespoke Products

Seeing the huge increased interest in British made and homegrown charcuterie, we provide a route to market for farmers, smallholders and retailers and produce for them, bespoke charcuterie, made from their own meat.

You don't need to set-up your own costly charcuterie, having established ourselves 5 years ago we have the HACCP, product and shelf life testing in place and ready to go, which allows those working with good quality raw meats the opportunity for an increased product range, a hugely extended shelf life and a comfortable jump in profit margins.

Our premises are fully approved by our local authority Purbeck District Council meaning we are able to supply to all of the UK and Europe.

We work with whole carcasses or spare cuts and hang, butcher, season, cure, dry, smoke and mature the products on site before returning them to you finished. We can return them to you either whole or sliced, packed and labelled ready for retail sale.

A few of the many bespoke products available:

Smoked Chaps (Cheeks),         Black Pudding (Blood and Back Fat),     Salami/Chorizo (Trim)

Coppa (Collar/Sparerib),           Lomo/Lonza (Pork Loin)                           Pancetta (Belly),        

Air Dried Ham (Legs)                Pate (Offal)                                              Gammons/Pastrami                                 

We can use many different meats Pork, Beef, Mutton, Goat and Wild Game to name a few.

Personalised products are also available we can put your name or brand on a range of our products we have a few options available so contact us below for more information. 

If you would like more information fill out the form below, call us on 01202 625688 or email

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