Storage Advice

Our Charcuterie

Whole hams, whole cuts such as coppa, chorizo and saucisson keep well in cool dark stable conditions ideally less than 12C and about 70%rh, traditionally this is achieved by storing the products in the larder wrapped in paper or muslin. Slices are best eaten straight away as they tend to dry out quite quickly. If you are pre-slicing them to serve that day keeping them ambient between sheets of greaseproof paper works well.

Our cooked sliced meats are vacuum packed to keep them fresh 30 days when kept refrigerated.

Our sliced air dried meats are vacuum packed to keep them fresh for 180 days.

We are working with a team of food scientists to extend these dates in the near future.


Cold smoked pastrami.jpg

Sausage skins

Sausage skins come packed in salt, this is rinsed off and the casings are soaked overnight in tepid water to rehydrate before using. Any left over casings can be re-packed in salt, refrigerated and used next time.


The cultures are kept in the freezer and used as required.