About Us

Jamie Oliver, Jimmy Doherty and Dorset Charcuterie

FOUNDED in 2010 - with help from the Princes Trust - Dorset Charcuterie was Created by Lee and Ben to Allow them to pursue a lifelong passion for food and drink.

Passionate about real, seasonal and ethical British food, Lee and Ben were shocked to learn that just 10 years ago, nearly all Charcuterie sold in the UK was foreign, mainly from the grandfathers of cured meats, France, Italy and Spain.

To Lee and Ben this seemed a little crazy, especially considering Britain is among the finest (if not the finest) producers of highest welfare standard meat in the world. As Lee states, "This is the most important factor when producing Charcuterie; if you start with poor meat the end product is equally poor."

For this reason Dorset Charcuterie only ever uses meat that is free-range, wild or reared naturally within the Isle of Purbeck. 

Most commercial pigs take a matter of weeks to be ready for slaughter whereas Dorset Charcuterie's ethos is different. Most of the pork used is Mangalitza, a slow growing breed that makes for exceptional Charcuterie. All pigs are reared for up to two years, a method which produces superior pork compared to readily available 'commercial slop'.

As Ben states, "Our pigs have the chance to forage and feed as a pig should and not be fed intravenously as is common practice in the industry."

Advocates of slow food, Dorset Charcuterie products are made by hand in small batches and take as long as they take. "We’ve learnt that there is no way of short cutting real food," says Lee, "real meat, salt and time are our main ingredients."

Heavily involved in many local food schemes, Lee and Ben are regulars at south coast food shows where they demo their skills and passion for real food. This passion has been rightly recognised and thus they have been featured on several food programs as far away as Australia, but most recently on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.