Dorset Local Farm Shops

Dorset is full of fresh local food and producers take care for the whole process by themselves. It is easy to find delicious cheese, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables on the Dorset Market and in the shops all over the town.

Here is a list of local shops

Bride Valley Farm Shop

The Bride Valley Farm Shop is located in the heart of picturesque Abborsbury, Dorset, and sells the best of traditionally farmed meat, poultry, eggs and more, all locally. They specialize in home-grown meat, Dorset Longhorn cattle, grazing on the limestone farmland of our farm near Littlebredy. The land is treated specifically for nature conservation purposes, without the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

Cattle are purebred Longhornok, an old English breed that produces excellent meat. They carefully transport pigs, lambs, poultry and eggs from selected suppliers who raise their herds to the same high standards as they demand on our farm.

Filberts Bees


With around 200 shops in the UK, Filberts of Dorset manufactures natural products based on beekeepers and beeswax, from lip balms to boot polishes. Their roots are in British agriculture and they now produce artisanal honey and cider, as well as creating queens and living farms. Bees are at the heart of the business and by choosing their products we help ensure the survival of British bees.

They also use pressed English oils in our skin and home care lines. For example, Farm Hand uses hemp and canola oils, and our Lavender Salvage contains English lavender oil. Wood Care contains 40% crude Sussex flaxseed oil. They make their home and leather products by hand, in batches of up to 1,000 units, at West Dorset factory. They do everything from scratch, starting with gently heating and filtering the beeswax blocks as soon as they arrive from the hive.

Filberts products do not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, artificial preservatives and mineral oils. Concentrated oil – based mixtures not containing water.

Modbury Farm Shop


The property is located along the River Bride in Dorset, Vale da Noiva, about 1 mile from Chesil Beach on land on the west coast of Dorset.

Modbury Farm occupies a place that used to be the medieval town of Modbury. The surrounding fields have been cultivated since the 18th century and the same field boundaries are still used today. The farm dates back to 1850, when the Berwick Farm Dairy was.

Modbury Farm has been home to the Coomber herd of Jersey cows since 1987 with the help of Tim and Julie Garry

It is mainly a dairy farm grown according to ecological principles. The screens contain unpasteurized (raw) milk and cream sold in the company’s store. Sweater milk has been shown to contain 20% more calcium than regular milk. Modbury is the last farm in Dorset to traditionally produce cream on the farm.

Symondsbury Store

In the beautifully restored Manor Yard building in the village of Symondsbury in West Dorset, they are open every day of the week and sell our local produce. They also have a bar, Symondsbury Kitchen, located across the courtyard and craft workshops in and around the courtyard. Also in Napudvar is the 14th century tithe granary. Ample parking in the courtyard and back of the mansion.

Tamarisk Farm

Tamarisk Farm is a long-standing mixed organic farm on the beautiful west coast of Dorset, behind Chesil Beach.

The family was one of the first members of the Soil Association and has been growing healthy food that meets ecological standards since 1960.

They grow a variety of organic products to sell directly to customers.

The Udder Farm Shop

Due to the growing demand for an alternative to buying food, farmers Jane and Brian Down opened the Udder Farm store. They have a 190-acre meat plant outside Blackmore Vale and decided to distribute it for retail in 2005, having grown up in the village for three generations since 1938.

The farm shop offers produce from Dorset and the neighboring counties and is run by friendly staff. The staff of commodities, fishmongers and butchers are very familiar with their products and offer ideas for the best meat and fish cooking. The café has indoor and outdoor tables, as well as a large children’s playground.

The company’s business aims to offer delicious local food to customers at reasonable prices.