The kidney is a sensitive organ of the human body that not only maintains the water level in the body but also regulates blood pressure and excretion of toxic metabolites. Like any other organ, kidneys are more likely to be affected by multiple factors, leading to UTIs, kidney stones, polycystic kidneys, or chronic kidney diseases. The severity of any renal disease can lead to dialysis, nephrectomy, or even death. If you have concerns over your kidneys do not neglect a well man check to maintain your health. Unfortunately, men are more prone to face renal complications as compared to females! Therefore, here are some health tips for men for better kidney health.

1 – Healthy Diet

Being a picky eater may sometimes work in your favour. Most dieticians will recommend a healthy balanced diet to deter health problems but for optimal kidney health you may have to be more selective. People usually eat tomatoes, thinking they can help them fall in love! But despite generating a bond, tomatoes lead to kidney stones! It is because calcium oxalate, primarily found in tomatoes, accumulates in the kidney and then turns into small particles. Carbonated drinks are also a severe threat to kidney health and activity. These drinks also lead to the deposition of calcium carbonate in the kidneys. The stones may cause blockage of urine, severe back pain, and UTIs. The treatment is possible by surgical intervention or laser lithotripsy, but both methods are pretty painful, and you may have to lie on your bed for at least 15 days. man holding vegetables with fruit

2 – Misuse of Antibiotics and Drugs

Antibiotics are the primary weapon against the invading pathogenic microbes in the body. Unfortunately, over-consumption of some antibiotics like gentamycin, kanamycin, neomycin, and polymixin B can lead to nephrotoxicity. Well, you need to be more careful about your over-the-counter drugs. For example, NSAIDs like Panadol and ibuprofen are the best solution to treat pyrexia or pain. But on the other hand, these drugs are responsible for hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity. Therefore, you better consult with your doctor before using any medication! kidney graphic

3 – Diabetes

Your blood glucose level should be average; otherwise, you may damage your kidneys. The body excretes the excess glucose in the urine, but the kidney has to filter more blood in less time to make the glucose level normal. If you have a family history of diabetes, you should consult your doctor. A well man check is the best way to check the blood glucose level in the body. If the glucose level value is more than 120mg/dL, you may have to worry a little!

4 – Avoid Hypertension

Stress, anxiety, and adrenaline lead to a blood rush in the veins. Therefore, the kidneys must work accordingly to bring the blood pressure to normal. Usually, heart patients suffer from this condition before stroke; hence it’s alarming. Your physician may perform a well man check to monitor your heart’s condition and ensure that you haven’t suffered from any stroke! You can avoid hypertension by exercising daily and using drugs that control blood pressure!

5 – Water Intake

An average person should drink 2 litres of water per day! It helps reduce kidney stones, lowers blood pressure, and prevents you from dehydrating. In addition, urinating 6-7 times a day will flush the bacteria from your urinary tract and keeps you safe from infections.

6 – Say no to Alcohol

If you are addicted to this so-called magical elixir, you may risk your kidney’s health. Alcohol is injurious to health even if you drink within the permissible limit. When you drink your body dehydrates making your organs less effective in their functions. When it comes to kidneys they are especially effected becoming weaker at filtering out blood. When one organ is negatively affected it naturally means the whole body becoming weaker. Hence try your best to limit it, not going overboard with alcohol consumption. Your kidneys will thank you if you avoid it!

Last Words

If you notice any pain in your lower back, immediately rush to your doctor. Although a person can survive on a single kidney or dialysis, that’s quite tough! Hence care is always better than cure.